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Feathered dinosaurs

^BFeathered dinosaurs.^b Conceptual artwork showing a feathered dinosaur (^IVelociraptor mongoliensis^i, centre) attacking an early ancestor of the bird, ^IArchaeopteryx^i ^Ilithographica.^i This velociraptor was a voracious predator that lived during the Campanian period (84-75 million years ago). It may have had a coating of feathers on its skin but it would not have been capable of flight. ^IA.^i ^Ilithographica^i lived during the late Jurassic period, around 150 million years ago. It had feathered wings composed of three clawed fingers but retained some dinosaur characters, including small teeth and a long tail. The dinosaur group from which ^IArchaeopteryx^i evolved is disputed.

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